• The world's highest sewing speed: 3,200 rpm
  • Various bar-tack pattern s are available within its sewing area Of 40mm (length) x 30mm (width)
  • The widely acclaimed unique design Of fully-sealed casing with the rod and gear running in the sea led tank helps reduce the noise and enhance the durability, which also makes the maintenance much easier.
  • The new thread trimmer makes the thread end shorter and the noise lower.
  • The machine can start and stop quickly with compact full closed-loop stepping motor. Compared with the previous model CLK-1900D , itreduces the cycle time by about 20% (42 stitches)and power consumption by 30 % .
  • It supplies constant clean oil only to rotary hook, there is no concern Of oil staining. The d i rect d rive system, having no belt shavings can keep prod ucts clean.